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Republican Scientists Tell Republican Global Warming Deniers Global Warming Is Caused By Humans (VIDEO)

Republican Scientists

Almost every practicing climate scientist on the planet has made it clear: the world is warming (i.e., heating up) and human activities are the reason. Almost every if not every national science academy has backed up this point. Popular scientific experts like Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and Neil deGrasse Tyson have done the same thing. Now, Republican scientists from the administrations of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and both George Bushes have testified to Congress saying the same thing.

Naturally, Republican congresspeople finally get it, now that their own have shown them the light, right? Err, not so much….

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show have the goods:

h/t Grist

P.S. I know this clip is about a month old, but it got buried and is so excellent I figured it deserved more attention. Share the news!

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