Renewable Energy vs Nuclear Energy Infographic

We have featured a number of WellHome’s infographics on our site and, as a result, the folks there decided to ask us what matters we thought were most important at the moment and worth creating infographics about. I supplied them with my feedback and they’ve gone ahead and made an infographic on some of the topics I thought were hot and worthy of their time.

Referencing us and our sister site CleanTechnica, here’s a good infographic on nuclear power and how it compares to power from renewable resources. There are a few things I would have worded a little differently or put more or less emphasis on, but overall I think they did a good job, so kudos to them! The issues I have with it, which a commenter over on CleanTechnica was actually quite upset about, include:

  • costs per kWh include subsidies and make coal and oil and nuclear fusion look better than they are (though, as someone who has delved into these topics, figuring out those costs is quite the challenge and depends on which assumptions you use);
  • solar power can work in non-sunny areas and wind power does not need a ton of wind, so these are not as limited as the infographic may make them seem;
  • also, while solar needs a lot of space, that could be space on rooftops or over parking lots, which are underutilized spaces;
  • there are a few redundancies in the “minuses” of some of the renewable energy options.

However, overall, I think this renewable energy vs nuclear energy infographic is quite helpful and useful.

Check it out and let us know what you think (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

Graphic Created by WellHome Energy Audits

4 thoughts on “Renewable Energy vs Nuclear Energy Infographic”

  1. The largest part of the “renewable” energy that is talked about here is from large hydroelectric dams. These have shown to very bad for local ecology and growth will continue to be limited due to the lack of locations.

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