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It’s time to do away with coal-fired power plants and nuclear energy and switch to renewable energy sources. Coal not only destroys the air we breath, but the mining of it destroys our land and water supply. Nuclear is way too dangerous as we all found out from the disaster that happened in Japan last year.

We the people need to stand up to Big Oil, Coal and Nuclear companies, and most of all, our leaders in D.C. We need to demand that the country start using more renewable energy sources. After all, it’s our planet and way of life their destroying.

As our need for energy increases, research into alternative energy sources has become a booming industry. Our non-renewable energy sources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Finding alternative energy sources that are clean and safe for the environment has been relatively easy. Finding ways to harness them efficiently has proven a little more challenging. The three most readily available clean energy sources are at our finger tips and can be used in many ways as non-renewable energy resources.

Solar energy is an alternative energy source that can be used in a variety of ways. Photovoltaic cells or solar panels absorb the sun’s light and sends it through an inverter that converts it to AC or alternating current. Once it has been converted to AC, it can then be used by appliances and other electrical devices. Solar energy is an alternative energy source that is clean and efficient. Solar panels can absorb the sun’s energy even if it is overcast.

Wind turbines are being built across the country to harness one of nature’s strongest alternative energy sources. Using wind to create clean, alternative energy saves water and does not produce air or water pollution. Turbines run efficiently on wind sources and have little or no adverse affect on the environment. Alternative energy sources such as wind turbines conserve non-renewable energy sources and are much safer for the environment and the public. Federal grants are being made available to offset the cost of building the turbines, but they are currently under threat.

Hydropower is based on the same concept as wind turbines. Instead of air pushing the blades of the turbine, water rushes over the blades of the spinning turbine.Turbines or wheels placed in streams and rivers so water rushes across them, causing them to spin faster and faster. The faster they rotate, the more energy that is produced. Hydropower is an efficient alternative energy source and can produce large amounts of clean energy with little waste.

Using alternative energy sources offers a variety of benefits. Not only do they minimize the impact on the environment, they conserve other types of energy. Water, wind, and solar energy are clean forms of alternative energy. They produce little or no pollution and constantly renew themselves. As our need for energy grows, these alternative energy sources will be there to meet our needs without harming us or our environment.

We’ll be posting more on these clean energy sources in the coming weeks and months.

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4 thoughts on “Renewable Clean Energy Better For Planet”

  1. Another example of the disingenuous propaganda being put forth in support of the three most touted alternative energy sources. No mention of the environmental impacts associated with them. Apparently you only talk about environmental impacts when speaking against a form of energy you dislike. Maybe a look at who is pushing and benefiting from the promotion of these Technolgies should be made. That old admonition to follow the money trail seems very applicable here.

      1. Possibly you can could direct me to those reports that address the environmental impacts associated with the use of additional water, land, noise, wildlife, etc. that seem to be omitted from all the reports I have read.

        1. you can see differences in water use of diff energy options here:

          you can see differences in global warming impact here:

          the fact that you don’t have to mine for coal or uranium for ages to fuel your power plants or burn such fuel makes a huge difference. check out the air pollution caused by coal here, for example:

          clearly, that effects animals and birds as well as humans.

          and for a much more extensive look at its environmental impacts, check out:

          clearly, solar and wind don’t have such an impact.

          for uranium, see:

          and, of course, you’ve got disasters like Fukushima to look forward to.

          noise, if you’re talking about wind turbines, is negligible, from all studies i’ve seen on the matter. don’t have them on the tip of my finger though.

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