Recent Extreme Weather Events in Australia, Brazil, U.S. [VIDEOS]

I included the video above in my global weirding news of the week wrap-up on Monday. But, seriously, it’s worth another share in case you don’t read through those. Excellent coverage by ABC.

Additionally, here are two more videos on recent extreme weather events.

The first, on the tremendous, horrific floods in Australia that “ripped homes from foundations,” left “residents clinging to roofs,” killed dozens, and lefts many times more missing. Horrible, and sobering.

Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week notes: “You rarely see images like this from first world nations.”

And the second one here is on landslides from heavy rain in Brazil and the 160 or more who have died in them, “the biggest catastrophe in the town’s history.”

Death Toll Rises in Brazil Floods (does not embed because Reuters forces YouTube to  disable embedding)

The sad thing, of course, is that we can expect more and more such “natural” disasters in the coming years if we don’t really step it up and work to prevent accelerated global climate change.

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