Real-Life Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Opens Tonight! (Video)

Sinking the submersible

“Deep. Dangerous. Determined.” And now we all have a chance to go along. Today DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D opens—-the film in which James Cameron dives to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest known part of Earth’s oceans.

“I’ve seen some pretty astonishing things in the depths,” says James Cameron of his dives to the bottom of the sea. “This quest was not driven by the need to set records, but by the same force that drives all science and exploration… curiosity. So little is known about these deep places that I knew I would see things no human has ever seen.”

Cross-section of sea and Marianas (wikipedia)

The deepsea rift lies below the western Pacific Ocean, just east of the Mariana Islands and about 200 miles from Guam. Very deep (2550 km, or almost 7 miles) but also very narrow (69 km,or 43 miles) and very cold (1 to 4 °C, just above freezing). The geologic cross-section of the Trench depicts its main structures and features.

And here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming suspense and adventure of Cameron’s voyage to the bottom of the sea.

The trailer for the movie has generated some questions:

I sure hope we get lots of footage from underneath. This looks exciting but I’m afraid of the marketing behind it.

So the whole opening of this trailer is James Cameron stroking his ego…

Deepsea Challenge submersible at sea surface ( a longtime armchair explorer, I can’t imagine not seeing this film. And I’m also very glad it was Cameron in the sea in that submersible, not me.

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