Rachel Maddow Dissecting the Development of "Conservative Truths"

Rachel Maddow is one of my newest heroes. Not because she is noticing or talking about things that others have not identified or shared in the past, but because she does it so well. And she is just plain hilarious.

Plus, she is one of the only people on such a large platform to so thoroughly debunk the ridiculous myths running through the conservative echo chamber everyday in the U.S.

A little old, but check her out discussing the conservative echo chamber and the development of “conservative truths” here:

I love the slogan above the Republican logo in the background during some parts of this video: “Scaring white people for fun and profit.”

This video reminds me of another great one by Peter Sinclair, more focused on the topic of climate change: Flogging the Scientists.

How can we ever address serious issues facing our world, such as climate change and economic collapse, when such large portions of the media have gone from providing the country with legitimate news to spewing complete propaganda harmful to the advancement of society?

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Photo Credit: bobster855 via flickr (CC license)

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