{Quote of the Week} Stephanie Austin

curitiba brazil moon

Here’s a great quote my mother shared with me this past week. The quote is part of an article by Stephanie Austin of Mountain Astrologer.

“Outdated attitudes about money and material resources are also highlighted by this new moon. We often hear people say, ‘There’s no money.’ We forget that money is simply a social agreement and that there are other ways to exchange goods and services. In Curitiba, Brazil, a staggering sanitation problems was solved and the standard of living in one generation improved — without raising taxes, without charity or loans, and without any involvement from the federal government or world bank. Bus tokens were given to anyone who collected a bag of garbage; chits for fresh fruits and veges were issued for biodegradable materials. The program was entirely voluntary, and everyone benefited. By 1992 Curitiba was recognized as ‘the most ecological city in the world’ and, in 2010 was awarded the Globe Sustainability City Award.”


Photo of a boy in Curitiba with the moon behind him via Emi PhotoArt


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