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Plastic — it is everywhere. While it has helped humanity in some important ways, it is also wreaking havoc on ecosystems and organisms around the world (including humans). Here’s an interesting infographic with some stunning and disturbing information on: how much plastic we use, what problems it’s linked to, plastic in the ocean, BPA, plastic’s ridiculously long lifespan, and how we can cut plastic out of our lives (OK, maybe not how we can do so completely, but how we can do so to a large degree).

The most interesting line of the infographic, in my opinion, is this one: “every piece of plastic made still exists today.” But, really, there’s a ton of interesting info here.

The infographic also does a good job of pointing out the key steps we can take to body-slam our plastic problem:

  1. Use reusable bags
  2. Cut the bottled water out of your life
  3. Say no to single-serve plastic packaging
  4. Use sandwich boxes instead of sandwich bags (cooler anyway!)
  5. Use silverware (.. which actually results in a little more pleasant of an eating experience)
  6. Go digital (forget the old-school plastic CDs & cases)
  7. Use a refillable dispenser
  8. Bring your “to-go” mug with you
  9. Avoid plastic you can’t easily (and probably won’t) recycle
  10. Try to find products not made of plastic (when you have to buy something, that is)
Anyway, here’s the infographic (CLICK TO ENLARGE):

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