Planetsave Job Board!

green jobs board

You may or may not have noticed: we added a green jobs board for you all on the bottom-right side of all our pages this week. The system is specifically tailored to you all, but can be adjusted as time goes on to make it even more relevant.

If you’re looking for a job (or just curious), check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

You can also create a customized subscription to the job board in a few ways:

And you can see all jobs listed on this service at:

And!! If you’re a company looking to hire, you can post jobs on that same site. It’s only $25 for a 30-day ad.

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2 thoughts on “Planetsave Job Board!”

  1. Great addition to PS!…got to put one’s money where one’s mouth is…Is there a way for readers to forward potential jobs to PS jobs board, and, what are the rules for reposting green jobs from other job sites, etc.?

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