Perseid Meteor Shower 2013 Peaks Tonight — Perseids Peak August 12 2013

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight — late night on August 12 2013 (early morning August 13 2013) the Perseids meteor shower will reach its peak for the year. So get out to see it if you can!

This year the Perseids are expected to be quite the show, thanks to a number of synchronous beneficial factors — dark phase of the moon, high expected rates, lots of fireballs this year — so I highly recommend making time to watch the meteor shower if you can. The meteor shower is expected to reach rates of between 60-100 meteors an hour at the peak this year. And thanks to the fact that the Moon will be in its waxing crescent phase, and will set rather early, the night’s sky should be nice and dark — provided you can get away from city lights that is.

Image Credit: Meteors via Flickr CC

“The meteors will appear to be radiating out of the constellation of Perseus, in the northeast portion of the sky as seen at night in the Northern Hemisphere during August — but you’ll be able to see them regardless of what part of the sky you are watching.”

Some general advice for those watching the meteor shower: Dress warm or bring blankets. Bring a reclining chair to relax on while watching. Try to get as far way from the city and its lights as you can. And bring some coffee or hot chocolate.

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