Open a Sustainable Restaurant to Help the Planet!

This is something I’ve thought about many times, but I’ve never gone and advertised doing it,.. or even seen anyone do so. But, really, one great way to help the world is to open a green, sustainable, animal-friendly restaurant!

Our food has a HUGE impact on the environment. Logical, given that we tend to eat at least three times a day. As reported previously, at least 51% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the livestock industry. Shocking. It also

Here’s more on that sustainable restaurant idea from Nan Gibbons over on Eat Drink Better:

“As Americans become more health conscious and eco-friendly, there’s a much higher demand for sustainable restaurants that source local, sustainable ingredients and make people feel good about their spending and eating habits. Everyone loves bragging about the awesome urban-kitchen-style restaurant they dined at on Friday night. That urban kitchen could be yours!”

Nan follows that up with 5 tips for making such a restaurant. Check it out here: Help Promote Eating Local: Open a Sustainable Restaurant.

Sustainable Restaurant photo via Shutterstock

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