Online Vegan Cooking Classes

Thinking about going vegan but not sure about what you’d cook? How about an online vegan cooking class?

Here’s a bit on some online vegan cooking classes offered by a contributor to sister site Eat Drink Better:

“If you’ve ever wanted to improve your cooking skills or learn more about vegan cooking but didn’t want to pay the big bucks for a cooking class (and didn’t want to drive somewhere to attend), this is perfect for you. Heather’s classes are best if you want to gain confidence and skills in the kitchen, get more nutrition into your body, and discover new cooking techniques that make vegan eats tasty and flavorful.”

Heather says:

I’m excited to help you move past the same old, not-so-healthy meals to making simple, flavorful, nutrient-dense recipes that give you the nutrients you need to sail through your day full of energy, confidence and happiness.

Healthy eating often means learning how to cook all over again. If you’re transitioning to a healthier diet and aren’t too comfortable in the kitchen, I want to pass on what I’ve learned to you.

“In each class, Heather takes a new topic (like soups, veggie burgers and how to cook beans), discusses cooking techniques and nutrition, and shows you how to make a delicious, healthy recipe (like sweet potato quinoa chili and baked falafel burgers).”

“The real benefit here is that you’ll learn how to use fresh ingredients and herbs/spices that still taste great without all this “bad stuff.” You won’t have to rely on oil, sugar, salt and processed foods to make food taste great. It’s more than just a cooking course – Heather gets into nutrition and health information while we’re cooking, and people have been really excited to discover how to get proper minerals, vitamins and protein into their meals.”

You can sign up for the classes or read more about them on Eat Drink Better.



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