Onion Video on Twitchy Climate Scientists (+ Top 12 Science & Weather Stories)

Here are some of the top climate and environmental science stories of the week (other than what we’ve covered), starting with a funny video from The Onion on twitchy climate scientists. For more, the stories we’ve covered in depth, check out our Science category.

Nation’s Climatologists Exhibiting Strange Behavior (Season 1: Ep 5 on IFC)

Climate Change & Extreme Weather

global warming graphs
  • People Under 35 Have Never Seen Normal Global Temperatures [Think Progress]

Climate “Skeptics” (er,.. Deniers)

  • As Obama Lifts Meaningless ‘Cloud Of Uncertainty,’ Durbin Fights The Storms Of Climate Change [Think Progress]

Glacial Melting

  • Ancient Glacial Melting Shows that Small Amount of Subsurface Warming Can Trigger Rapid Collapse of Ice Shelves [Climate Progress]
  • Himalayan glaciers shrinking [Guardian]

Mountaintop Removal & Cancer

  • Mountaintop Removal Mining Directly Linked To 60,000 Cancer Cases In Appalachia [Desmog blog]

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