One Small Step For DOE, One Giant Leap For Mankind


In light of the 40th anniversary of mankind’s first steps on the moon, the Department of Energy (DOE) has launched its own “giant leap” venture. Energy Secretary Steven Chu is taking his small step into the Facebook world (an ever growing, ever consuming world). Chu set up a page that will hopefully make a huge impact on climate change.

The page will high-lite some of the cutting edge research and technology that is emerging and paving the way to a clean energy future. Chu will explain how the technology will influence the “green job” economy in the future; and he will also answer questions posed by “friends” of his site. You’ll also find a look at the Obama Administration’s work at building America’s clean energy economy and confronting the global climate crisis.

“Solving the energy crisis and seizing the economic opportunity before us is an urgent national priority that affects every American, and every American can play a role,” said Secretary Chu. And on the new page, every American can have a role.  Besides being able to ask questions, visitors to Secretary Chu’s Facebook page will find information and discussion groups about how to save energy in their homes and reduce utility bills.

I’m looking forward to a dialogue with people from all walks of life not only about the solutions that science may offer us tomorrow, but also about the solutions that already exist today which can save families money, cut energy use and help save the planet in the process,” said Chu.

To go along with the great American climate change think tank (aka Chu’s Facebook page), Secretary Chu has also launched a YouTube channel and a Flickr site.

Facebook –

YouTube –

Flickr –

Photo Credit: Laughing Squid via flickr under Creative Commons License

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