"Obama Bin Laden is Dead" — FOX News is a Horrible Disgrace to the American People

'obama' bin laden dead

UPDATE: Seems a correspondent on another FOX News channel made the same basic mistake. Coincidence? (I hope so.)

Seriously, I should probably be writing on something else, but this has really pissed me off. How horrible and ridiculous can FOX News get. You can see in the screenshot above that FOX News’ coverage of Osama Bin Laden’s death entailed switching up ‘Osama’ for ‘Obama’ — clever, eh? If you’re in fourth grade and have no sense for what is important in this world.

You know that they knew what they were doing. You know that they put that on the screen and thought it was funny or would serve some devious, horrible purpose (i.e. do whatever you can to turn every news story into a ridiculous circus show aimed at bringing Obama down).

FOX News is a disgrace to the American people, to all who are interested in progress and leadership that will pull us out of an era in which we are polluting our own water and air.

They can’t even report on a ‘success’ that they are no doubt gleeful about without screwing things up. How can anyone expect them to report on important domestic issues like clean energy, life-threatening climate change, and the economy? They have no interest in truth, it seems. Their interest is in playing with the minds and beliefs of the American public in order to discredit a president and political party their management is opposed to and they are opposed to for purely ideological or racist reasons.

Yes, “Obama Bin Laden is Dead” has ticked me off. Not at all because I think Obama is some saint or faultless — I have a WHOLE LOT of criticism for Obama in me. But the ridiculousness of FOX News, how disgracefully low it is willing to stoop, and it’s attack on the American public is something that should piss off this whole country, including its viewers, who probably genuinely want useful information delivered to them.

Anyway,.. morning ramblings on our broken corporate media.

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54 thoughts on “"Obama Bin Laden is Dead" — FOX News is a Horrible Disgrace to the American People”

  1. Zach- I just read the Fox news article, and I want to say you are completely right. Fox news is a biased organization, and I am sad to say that particular station is familiar to me. Fox 40 is the Sacramento one, and unfortunately, that is where I grew up. I have seen them pulling stunts like that for a long time for the delights of simpletons and bumpkins around the Sac valley.

    Have a good one,

  2. Why does everything have to be a conspiracy theory? Do you know home many times I have said Obama instead of Osama? Sounds to me like you just hate Fox News…

    1. I think the concern is more that, while one person might have made the mistake, the numerous editors and other people in between should have picked that up before it went to air.

  3. Just a mistake, nothing more.
    There’s a big difference between FOX News and its affiliates. Fox 40 is in Sacramento, market 20. Traditionally FOX stations pay less and have younger more inexperienced employees. In the rush of breaking news I’m sure the chyron operator just made a typo (which was repeated and corrected by several news outlets nationwide.) Nothing to see here. Move on.

    1. MikeO, you may be right, but FOX News and its affiliates constantly make such mistakes and try to put Obama in a bad light. Or worse.

      as i said below, FOX is a brand — if a local store you owned had the Target brand and Target was infamous for being extremely politically motivated and unbalanced and selling political BS and you sided with this, you don’t think that would effect your and your store’s actions as well?

      maybe you’re right, and it was just a mistake — i sure hope that

  4. Fox news sucks big time and not for this reason. This is kind of funny but other things on Fox News makes my skin crawl. Then I like the God Bless America statement… Just America? 🙂

    I like the way a evil symbol has fallen, hid himself behind a woman (probably propaganda but anyhow). I hope the world could focus on something else now. North Africa and Iraq is kind of unsolved and U.S. are soon (if the Reps and the Dems doesnt find a solution for the Country) bancrupt. China, Japan and Europe (mostly China) is paying the bills right now and that is not good for the God Blessed America. Irony of it… some atheist-communists are paying its bills.

    1. On the same note, NO I dont like that USA is in economical chrises. It is not good for Northern Europe where I live. The world is kind of a Global Economy this days and if Americas congress is weak and can not take responible action for the country, cut spending and TAX RAISING. You need the money. We in Western Europe and regular Joe in US going to Pay… Read in todays news about our Big Banks making tons of money right now. Funny? Ehe!


  6. Do liberals know how to read? See the number 40 to the right of the word fox? That means it’s a fox affiliate station. This station has absolute nothing to do with fox news. Did any of you lefties notice the liberal journalists were making this mistake all last night and today. No you probably didn’t because that wouldn’t support your agenda.

    1. kyle, FOX is a brand — if a local store you owned had the Target brand and Target was infamous for being extremely politically motivated and unbalanced and you sided with this, you don’t think that would effect your and your store’s actions as well?

      i’m happy to hear that other, non-Fox reporters/channels made the same mistake. bcs it gives me hope it was just a mistake. but seriously, that is some low-quality stuff to mix up Osama with Obama. (the two are rather famous)

  7. Conservatives are just shameless and frankly laughable, now have you heard the latest, its really Bush that saved the day, LOL…these people are so shameless you have to wonder, so they want america to believe that Bush’s great strategy after failing miserably for 8 years, is actually what was ultimately responsible for capturing OBL. hahaha they really think conservatives must be stupid enough to believe anything. The fact is Obama has once again proven his superior leadership, and intellect, and now conservatives are twisting themselves to spin this as somehow a Bush victory, hahaha I suppose the conservatives were also responsible for the space race, landing on the moon, and oh this is a goodie, WWII, guess what america all the above happened under democratic leadership. Republicans are all talk, and no results. They pretend to be tough but in fact they are scared little people, who deal in fear and lies and misinformation. While they were trying to prove how unamerican President Obama is, he was showing the world what a REAL american leader looks and acts like.

  8. I am sorry you don’t understand the level of deception Barack Hussein Obama will go to. Fox News actually got it right, in fact. You’ll never hear about this in the main stream media and only on Fox, but the reason Barack Obama killed Bin Laden was in fact because both Osama and Obama are actually brothers, both born of the same mother in Kenya. Both of them are funded by violent terrorist organizations bent on turning our country into a socialist state and spelling America with a “K”. Barack had to kill Bin Laden for his brother was on the verge of telling everyone the dark secret: that Bin Laden and Obama are kin and neither of them are U.S. citizens and that Donald Trump’s hairpiece was made from 100% Gorilla fur. Apparently, Bin Laden was also on the verge of revealing that Obama made a B+ at Harvard Law School insted of all A’s as was originally thought. And, Obama also dated women during college and was in fact one of the few heterosexual men on the Harvard campus at the time he attended college.

  9. I worked as a character generator operator for a television news station (not affiliated with Fox) which means that I typed the graphics-based banners that appear on the screen. These are often done live. And, when breaking news emerges, they are ripped out on a key board at 80wpm. Now, picture if you will, an underpaid employee receiving instructions at the last minute from a producer to type “Osama …”. Keep in mind that this same employee has probably written “Obama” 100 times a day for the past 5 years or so. As the brain commits certain words to automaticity, the most logical conclusion is that the employee simply made a mistake (Occam’s Razor). To believe that Fox slipped that in as a devious plot or an “up yours” to anyone is simply grasping at straws. I don’t watch Fox, but seriously….also, Fox is indeed biased (but ALL of them are in one direction or another).

  10. According to Molly her Son’s eleven year old friends work at Fox and made a boo boo.
    Must be really ” smart ” kids that can’ t get the names of the President of the US right.

  11. That is NOT a spelling error. Everyone knows how to spell Osama Bin Laden. This is a disgrace and Fox should issue an apology to every American, especially the President of the United States. And to Fox News, can’t you just respect the man for being one of 44 people to be elected to the highest public service position in the country? It’s not that hard.

  12. This isn’t even FOX NEWS. You really don’t know what you’re talking about and plenty of other news outlets made the same mistake.

    Get real

        1. as i said above:

          FOX is a brand — if a local store you owned had the Target brand and Target was infamous for being extremely politically motivated and unbalanced and selling political BS and you sided with this, you don’t think that would effect your and your store’s actions as well?

    1. as i said below, FOX is a brand — if a local store you owned had the Target brand and Target was infamous for being extremely politically motivated and unbalanced and selling political BS and you sided with this, you don’t think that would effect your and your store’s actions as well?

  13. STOP THE MADNESS!!!! People on all sides misspeak!!! DAMN PEOPLE! Lets get on with cutting the spending and make people responsible for more of their own damn selves.

    Typo: MSNBC correspondent accidentally reports on Twitter that ‘Obama’ killed

    In an attempt to release the news of Osama bin Laden’s death quickly late Sunday night, MSNBC correspondent Norah O’Donnell accidentally reported on Twitter that “Obama” had been “killed” instead.

    “Obama shot and killed,” Norah O’Donnell posted on Twitter, citing NBC Chief Pentagon Correspondent Jim Miklaszewski as her source.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/05/02/typo-msnbc-correspondent-accidentally-reports-on-twitter-that-obama-killed/#ixzz1LEyQ12XA

  14. I am embarrased for Fox 11 news. You are disgusting and a fraud as a worthy new channel. If I ever need accurate news, yours is the last station I would ever turn on. You are a bunch of misleading, haters. Full of hate and diseption, and totally un American. God forgive you and your hatefull ways.

  15. Give it up fools! They are all the same!

    KENNEDY: There you go.

    Why don’t we just ask Osama bin — Osama Obama — Obama what — since he won by such a big amount. Seriously, Senator Obama is really unique and special.

    He was a community activist. He was out there on the streets pulling different groups together in Chicago. He was working with families out there about family needs and he rang the bell in Illinois.

  16. Even if it was a mistake it shows what a joke of a news network is. That’s thier job – to report news accurately, and they FAIL EVERY TIME!!

  17. WOW. Some of you lefties really make me laugh. A reporter on CNN made the same mistake and no one is talking about that. Why? Because you have nothing better to do than bash Fox.

  18. Oh Shut UP! It was a mistake! When my son heard the news he said ” Obama Bin Laden” died! There is one letter difference! Just be glad that there is finally justice for all the vitims of Sept. 11th and the military lives lost! Do not sit around attacking a news channel! God Bless America!

    1. They are being rightfully attacked. The news should be accurate and given Fox’s hatred of the president I can pretty much guarantee that this was not an accident. Fox is a disgrace.

    2. “News” channel, more like. They sit around attacking everyone who doesn’t share their extraordinarily narrow-minded redneck point of view, so I see no reason why they shouldn’t get a bit of their own medicine. There might only be one letter difference, but their “newscasters” have spent so much time trying to belittle President Obama about his name’s similarity to Osama Bin Laden’s that it is highly doubtful it’s a mistake. People who are in a position to exert influence over a massive amount of people should be held to a higher standard of conduct, and there is nothing wrong in calling them out on juvenile behavior such as this.

    3. There would be no need to call them out for this if it was a one time mistake. The outrage is over the fact that they have “accidentally” made the “mistake” of mixing Osama and Obama several times across several major programs, not just affiliate stations or one crazy person (looking at you, Glen Beck). Sure everyone makes mistakes. It’s the fact that this is an obvious (and quite pathetic) attempt at trying to forever associate the terrible actions of Bin Laden with our President. Just more right-wing propaganda from Faux News to hinder Obama’s 2012 run.

  19. I my self have in the rush of excitement used the wrong name is the same circumstance. It is one FOX affiliate not the whole corporation. Lefties always trying to make FOX look bad! I will give you that they should have checked it or if they thought they were being funny not done it but you can’t blame the whole company for one persons bad choice.

  20. Haha wowww……
    Ok, must of us already knew that FOX News is a lot of times a load of crap. There’s even a Family Guy episode about it. But this is just too funny! How awful!
    Way to go FOX. Way to go..

    1. Actually the news report is correct. The more correct way of stating this would be…Obama(comma) Bin Laden dead. If you have ever read those tickers, it is a quick quote and they sometimes come up with some weird alternate meanings.

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