NV Energy Proposes Grandfathering Nevada Rooftop Solar Customers

Nevada utility NV Energy filed a proposal this week to grandfather rooftop solar customers into Nevada’s original net metering rates for 20 years, writes the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


“After a number of recent failed attempts to negotiate a resolution of this grandfathering issue with out-of-state private solar suppliers, it became clear that NV Energy needed to step up and act alone,” said Paul Caudill, president and CEO of NV Energy in a press announcement. “I have spoken with many of these net metering customers personally, and understand and empathize with their concern. We simply did not want to wait any longer to offer a solution on their behalf and believe our filing today represents the most efficient and timely way to do that.”

NV Energy has tried previously to address frustrated rooftop solar customers in this acrimonious situation by proposing grandfathering some customers into the old net metering rates after the new policy was issued last year.

The new policy approved by the PUC reduced remuneration under net metering from the retail rate to the wholesale rate, created a separate rate class for small commercial and residential solar users, and established a time-of-use pricing option for all customers that will be gradually implemented over 12 years.

The Nevada PUC also approved an increase in fixed charges and a decrease in the volumetric commodity charge to recoup costs from net metering customers. Of interest, David Noble, the Nevada PUC chairman, will not return to his position after the new year.

NV_Energy_logoAfter the decision was finalized in January, NV Energy issued its first grandfathering proposal. Unlike the second proposal, the first one did not have a deadline attached to it. Regulators reaffirmed their decision in February, approving a draft proposal written by Commissioner David Noble that extended the timeline for rate changes, but excluded a grandfathering provision.

According to Utility DIVE, NV Energy’s latest proposal is similar to recommendations made by Gov. Brian Sandoval’s New Energy Industry Task Force. Like NV Energy’s filing, the task force suggests a deadline of Dec. 31, 2015 to grandfather existing solar customers. The group has also been tasked with devising an alternative solar incentive to net metering by Sept. 30.

Images via NV Energy

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