North Sea Wind Farm Proves Beneficial to Local Fauna

New research into the effect offshore wind farms have on the local habitat have provided striking results, given many of the assumptions made about such wind farms without scientific evidence. According to scientists, a wind farm in the North Sea actually has a beneficial effect on the local fauna.

Sunset over the Windpark Egmond aan Zee, location of the new research.

According to researchers Prof. Han Lindeboom at IMARES, part of Wageningen UR, and several of his colleagues and fellow scientists at Bureau Waardenburg and the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), the wind farm provides a new habitat for organisms living on the sea bed, and a calm oasis for fish and marine mammals.

As for birds, most don’t even notice it’s there, and those that do are in the minority, according to the research.

The researchers focused on the short-term effects of a wind farm, focusing on the offshore wind farm near Egmond aan Zee (OWEZ) and primarily studying benthic organisms, fish, birds, and marine mammals.

While this doesn’t necessarily speak for all wind farm installations, or the long-term benefits, or the overall impact of changing the habitat, it is good news for those hoping for a wind driven future.

Source: Wageningen UR
Image Source: Tom Jervis

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