Nobel Scientist Molina Warns Against Climate Change

molinaAn Inconvenient Truth has provided us with modern day scientists who are only known for agreeing or disagreeing with the movie. It is how many of the scientists involved in the current environmental science war have made their names. Often we forget that science has created names before there was the environmental furor there is now.

One of those scientists is a man named Mario J. Molina, a Mexican who in 1995 shared the Novel price in chemistry with Paul J. Crutzen and F. Sherwood Rowland, for research in to chlorofluorocarbon gases and his part in revealing to the world the threat of the ozone hole.

Speaking at a panel discussion on climate change at an annual Inter-American Development Bank meeting in Miami, Molina said that there could be “almost irreversible consequences” if the Earth warmed 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees F) above what it ought to be.

“Things are changing and there’s no doubt that it’s as a result of human activities,” he said, representing a view that, sadly, seems to be toted as being a “new” view.

By this I mean that it seems that by taking this view you are subsequently defining yourself as “one of those scientists” and not as a credible scientists in your own right.

Molina added that he believed “Long before we run out of oil, we will run out of atmosphere.”

While Molina did not elaborate on specific effects so far from the Earth’s temperature rise – which to date has been slightly less than a degree Celcius over the past hundred years – he did say that certain “tipping points” will be reached if temperatures continue to rise as they are.

“You keep changing the temperature gradually but then suddenly things change dramatically,” he said. “Trying to keep it (warming) below two degrees (Celsius) means we want to keep the change at most twice or three times what it has changed already. And that’s because it’s unrealistic to change it by less, because of what we have already done.”

“The idea to keep the temperature change not above 2.5 (degrees Celsius) is precisely to reduce the possibility of these tipping points happening,” he added.

That he hasn’t presented any evidence to support his claims worries me, for I know that he will soon be targeted for spreading rumors, or some sort of nonsense. But, from a purely logical standpoint, it would seem very unlikely that a scientist of such high regard as Molina to come out and just spout “rhetoric” would be thoroughly out of character.

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    Government need to stop being run by private bankers and take control of the money supply to fund dealing with solutions for climate change now. No carbon tax as it is an international tax. WE do not want to sell off the atmosphere.

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