Ninmah: Lady Mother — Trail of Tears 2011 [MUSIC VIDEO]

This is the latest Environmental Music Film (EMF) from Kristen Farquhar. Hope you enjoy it. Kristen writes:

This Environmental Music Film explores the relationships between the Old World and the New World – East and West and the Universal-Mother Life Force – the physical & the spiritual. Ninmah is a name recorded in the Sumerian Tablets – the oldest writings on earth. Her story is our story as physical human-beings regardless of color, culture, or language…The symbol connected to her is the OMEGA sign.

The human species has used, and it has been used. It is now time for peace on all levels. May it be so this Season of Love – Winter Solstice 2010.

Beautiful piece… I love the music and great images and text to go with it.

Way to bring more attention to critical and difficult issues through beautiful means.

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