New Vegan Cookbook by Andrea Bertoli [Press Release]


Gettin’ Saucy Makes Healthy Eating Sassier, Saucier

A new cookbook from vegan chef Andrea Bertoli

San Francisco, CA: Gettin’ Saucy: 40 Recipes to Make your Meals Sassier and Sexier is the first cookbook from Andrea Bertoli, a vegan chef, educator and writer. The recipes come from her years of experience teaching cooking classes and workshops, where she found that students needed straight-forward, simple recipes to make their meals more interesting– without having to relearn their staple meals or family favorites. All of the recipes are vegan, and almost all are gluten-free or gluten-free optional.

Andrea has been teaching cooking classes and workshops for over five years, both independently and as part of the marketing team at former employer Down to Earth (Hawaii). In addition to loving to cook, she has spent almost a decade researching and writing about health and wellness. Andrea is currently a blogger for sustainable food website Eat Drink Better, wellness site Vibrant Wellness Journal, and the popular healthy living site Care2, among others.

“I’m so happy to release Gettin’ Saucy, because this short book features some of my favorite easy recipes for dressings, marinades, and sauces that can become new staples in your kitchen. These are the everyday recipes that students, friends, and family members have been asking me about for years,” says Bertoli. “These sauces make it easy to improve their health and include more plant-based foods into their meals.”

The book features 28 recipes for classic and not-so-classic sauces both sweet and savory, like a sesame and sunflower based pesto, a ‘mayo’ made with cashews and miso, and a caramel sauce made mostly from dates. The book also features recipes for 12 plant-based basics, like overnight oats and basic baked tofu. “These recipes are not meant to be ground-breaking– they are quick, and use basic ingredients that form the basis of the deeply satisfying and nourishing meals from our own home.”

The book will make its debut at the San Francisco Green Festival, Nov 11-13, 2016. Important Media, one of the world’s largest green media networks, is publishing the book and will be selling it at their booth during the San Francisco and Portland Green Festivals.

Important Media is a network of sustainability-focused news sites, including the world’s largest cleantech website. Andrea works as the Accounts Manager for the company in addition to writing content across many of the sites.

You can learn more about the book, purchase your own electronic or printed copy, and find all of Andrea’s writing, at

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