New High Resolution Video of BP Oil Spill [Video]

New high resolution video of BP oil spill released after pressure from Congress.


BP has released a new high resolution video of the BP oil. It took about a month before BP finally released a live video of the oil spill in the Gulf, and now it turns out what they released is not even their best quality video coverage of the leaking oil.

Under pressure from the House and Senate, BP has finally released a high resolution live video of the oil spill.



The reasons for BP’s slow and less than transparent movement in releasing these videos definitely seem suspicious if not outright deceitful.

“BP has been heavily criticized for, among other things, underestimating the size of the oil leak all along and calling into question any flow rate estimates that were not their own. But now that they are producing 10,000 barrels per day of oil from the temporary cap solution, it is clear their previous estimates were in fact well short of actuality,” Timothy Hurst of ecopolitology reports.

Representatives and Senators in Congress seem concerned about this matter as well.

“We need to know the amount of total oil flowing from the well to determine the efficacy of the temporary cap solution and to know the size and extent of the needed spill response,” wrote Rep. Ed. Markey (D-Mass) in a letter to BP. “Any efforts on your part to prevent experts from determining the size of this spill is are unacceptable.”

“BP must not hinder the investigation of this matter by making available only preselected data and/or video for review as we understand has generally been the case to date,” wrote U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer, D-California, and Bill Nelson, D-Florida in their letter to BP.

It is good a criminal investigation now in progress. Hopefully it will be thoroughly and honestly conducted.

via ecopolitology

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  1. Most of my dreams are now coated in thick putrid gushing oil.
    Can not get all of the horrific images out of my head.

    oceans are oil-filled
    is this our mass extinction?
    choking on profit

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