Neutrons Might Be Disappearing Into A Parallel World


The existence of mirror particles may explain the anomalous loss of neutrons witnessed during recent experiments, according to a new study just published in the European Physical Journal (EPJ) C.

The existence of matter that mirrors our own has been theorized to exist, in a variety of different scientific contexts, for some time now, including as the identity of dark matter.

Experimental data obtained by the research group of Anatoly Serebrov at the Institut Laue-Langevin, France was reanalyzed by theoretical physicists Zurab Berezhiani and Fabrizio Nesti from the University of l’Aquila, Italy. They found that the loss rate of very slow free neutrons appeared to depend on the direction and strength of the magnetic field applied. This anomaly is unexplainable by known physics.


Zurab Berezhiani thinks that the anomaly can be explained by the existence of a parallel world consisting of mirror particles. Each neutron would have the ability to transition into its invisible mirror twin, and back again, oscillating between the two worlds. “The probability of such a transition happening was predicted to be sensitive to the presence of magnetic fields, and could therefore be detected experimentally.”

This oscillation between the two worlds could occur over time scales of just a few seconds, according to the research. “The possibility of such a fast disappearance of neutrons — much faster than the ten-minute long neutron decay — albeit surprising, could not be excluded by existing experimental and astrophysical limits.”

“This interpretation is subject to the condition that the earth possesses a mirror magnetic field on the order of 0.1 Gauss. Such a field could be induced by mirror particles floating around in the galaxy as dark matter.” Hypothetically then, the earth would be able to capture the mirror matter via “some feeble interactions between ordinary particles and those from parallel worlds.”

Source: Springer
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23 thoughts on “Neutrons Might Be Disappearing Into A Parallel World”

    1. @Adam, who wondered what: “Obamacare” would look like in our sister Universe.”
      Probably something like what Romneycare looks like over here in Massachusetts…..

  1. The discovery of Parallel Universes is NOT something new. We at 24dna have been publishing information about and also have invented 2 NEW Periodic Tables that proves the existence of both Universes – Ours and sister Universe. EVERY ELEMENT has TWO ATOMIC NUMBERS and same ATOMIC MASS. The difference in ATOMIC NUMBERS for the SAME Element is, in our Universe, its Atoms are PROTON dominant (more Proton) and NEUTRON recessive (less Neutron). Our sister Universe or PARALLEL Universe, its Atoms are NEUTRON dominant and PROTON recessive. You see these 2 NEW Periodic Tables at our website, Our Right Handed Periodic Table provides evidences of our Universe and Left Handed Table for the Parallel Universe discovered by the above scientists…

  2. 1 messed up Dude

    So I guess to travel between our exsistence & the mirrored exsistence,
    it would seem we need to create a extreme mass loss of neutrons
    then a worm hole will open & off we go…
    wait that was a tv show.. Sliders.. LOL

  3. We all know that at some point before god something had to come nothing. Our brain tells us if you have nothing you get nothing. Where did the first bit of energy that it all had to come from?

    1. The universal theological explanation is that it’s always been there and has no beginning or end and I know that defies the Newtonian urge for a rational explanation, but just about everything about this quantum biz seems to work that way.

      In the Bible God describes himself, or itself if you prefer, thusly — — ‘I am what I am; I’ll be what I’ll be!

  4. Yah! Yah, thats the ticket! It must be a parallel universe! And the earth is flat and you will sail over the edge…allthrough out history there have been amazing explanations for what we cant explain..

  5. Easy to understand.

    The Big Bang, entire universe, everything contained in it, life and death itself, is one infinite never-ending, never-beginning Mobious Strip. We and everything exist because nothing exists.

  6. As Big Bang …the creation of matter from an infinitesimally small point in space and time could this parallel world be suggestive of the existence of a superior being that interacts with ours?

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