Natural Disasters, Pets and What to Do

First things first — stay calm. People tend to panic and think unclearly when faced with stressful situations.. take a deep breath and relax.

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1. Make a plan:

Are your pets coming with you? Are they going to a boarding facility offering shelter until you can come and pick them up? Here is a great resource for finding an available shelter for your pet. And if you have horses.

Note: NEVER leave your pets behind. There are so many stray animals alone facing the storm — a pet is part of your family, take care of your family!

2. The Essentials: Whatever you end up doing, make sure your emergency pet supply kit is with your pet at all times. This kit should include:

  • vaccinations records (including rabies) and current veterinary history
  • your vet’s phone number and your phone number (cell)
  • any medication your pet needs to take (make sure to have it in the prescription bottle)
  • a picture of your pet
  • a sturdy, comfortable carrier/crate large enough to accommodate each pet for several days (be sure your pet can stand and turn around in the carrier)
  • at least a three to five day supply of food and water, including bowls and a manual can opener if your animals eat canned food
  • microchip number
  • Toys and Treats
  • basic first aid equipment (hydrogen peroxide, salve for wounds, gauze, bandages)
  • cleaning supplies
  • kitty litter and litter box (aluminum pan works fine) or doggy bags
  • extra leash and collar

3. Remember: your pet will react to your behavior, stay calm. And don’t forget to keep your pet’s collar (with tags) on at all times.

If your area is not forecasted to be hit by the storm, areas who will be hit sure could use your help! Either by housing animals, donating items, donating funds or volunteering at a facility that will be helping providing shelter. Check the Facebook pages mentioned above — if you’re able to help, post a comment on their wall and browse through their pages to see if there is anybody looking for help in your area!

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