Namibia Working On Renewable Energy Policy

Namibia is working on policy document which will determine the role of renewable energy in  south African country’s energy mix over the next few decades.

According to media reports, the government has prepared a draft policy document which includes a number of possible scenarios regarding the share of renewable energy. The most aggressive of those scenarios include possibility of increasing the share of renewable energy Namibia’s power generation to 70% by 2030.

While the policy document is still in a discussion stage the fact that the government is even considering such an aggressive target speaks volumes of the recent shift in energy policy in several African countries. The initiative taken by larger economies like South Africa and Egypt is now being followed by others as well including Morocco and Nigeria.

The final policy document is expected to provide guidance to the government on how to encourage renewable energy investments in the country. Going by the draft document, the final policy may also have a renewable energy target.

A number of African countries are now looking to expand renewable energy infrastructure by offering incentives to investors. Nigeria, for instance, recently signed a number of power purchase agreements with national and international project developers offering attractive feed-in tariffs.

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