Microsoft Rejects Global Warming Denial Despite Supporting Heartland Institute

Microsoft was identified as a supporter of the Heartland Institute in recently leaked documents from the “think tank.” However, Microsoft went out of its way this week to note that what it contributes is free software that it provides to thousands of eligible non-profits and that it completely supports the scientific consensus on global warming, not the global warming denial that the Heartland Institute is known for promoting.

Here’s more from Brad Johnson of Think Progress:

As part of our global nonprofit software donation program, Microsoft provides free software licenses upon request to any eligible non-profit organization. In Fiscal Year 2011, Microsoft donated $844 million in software to 44,000 nonprofits around the world. As part of that program, the organization requested free software licenses, and Microsoft provided them, just like we do for thousands of other eligible non-profits every year.

Microsoft’s position on climate change remains unchanged. Microsoft believes climate change is a serious issue that demands immediate, worldwide attention and we are acting accordingly. We are pursuing strategies and taking actions that are consistent with a strong commitment to reducing our own impact as well as the impact of our products. In addition, Microsoft has adopted a broad policy statement on climate change that expresses support for government action to create market-based mechanisms to address climate change.

Of course, eligibility requirements seems a bit at odds with the Heartland Institute’s work:

Microsoft’s software donation program states that eligible non-profits “have a mission to benefit the local community” including, but not limited to “advancing education” or “preserving or restoring the environment.”


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