Michele Bachmann: Officially Insane? (GOP Debate Afterthoughts)

Michele Bachmann reportedly “stole the show” at a major GOP debate last night. The big announcement was that she had officially joined in the puppet race to obtain the GOP’s presidential nomination.

One of Bachmann’s most repeated lines — I adopted 23 children. Good for you! Maybe you should set up a nursery school, but you certainly shouldn’t be leading the USA with the crazy ideas you have. Let’s take a look at just a few of those.

Bachmann — Clueless on Climate Change & Climate Legislation, but Thinks the Opposite

A few of Michele Bachmann’s ridiculous climate change and climate legislation statements (just a few, mind you):

  1. Bachmann has reportedly announced that she knows more about climate change than an MIT scientist. Great to hear that a tax attorney and mother of 28 found the time to become an expert climatologist as well. Good thing to know that she can claim to be so informed that she doesn’t need any advice from scientists and especially climate scientists. That’s who I want leading my country!
  2. In attacking the clean energy and climate change bill that was being moved through Congress in 2009 and part of 2010, Bachmann was claiming that the bill would take over “every aspect” of people’s lives. Insane? Yes. The bill would implement a market-based solution to global warming originally proposed by Republicans that would put a cap on global warming pollution and encourage the buying and selling of pollution credits when big polluters needed more time to transition to cleaner technologies. It would not take over “every aspect” of people’s lives in the least!
  3. Getting to climate science a bit, let’s look at her argument against climate change. As you can see in the video below, her argument is that carbon dioxide is natural and is important to life. Yes, no one argues that! The point which she either intentionally skips over or doesn’t understand that the skyrocketing concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere is causing catastrophic global warming. In her other ridiculous claims, she misses a number of other critical scientific points (which you can read about in the link above). But sticking to her main point, let’s go this route: OK, Mrs. Bachmann, how about you only eat cayenne pepper for a week — it’s natural, you know — and tell us how that turns out for you? Fruits and vegetables are good for us, and necessary for life, so there can’t be any harm in only eating cayenne pepper for a week!
  4. Michele has said that she wants citizens to get “armed and dangerous” about opposing an “energy tax” (2nd video below) — great way to instill illogical violence in your citizenry. Beyond the fact that the “energy tax” she was referring to (clean energy and climate change legislation) would actually help the country considerably in nearly every aspect of life (economically, in our quality of life, in our life expectancy), what she said actually seems to be completely illegal. “For a member of Congress to urge armed resistance against lawful actions of the US government crosses the line. Her speech is sedition, and (according to section 2383 of title 18 of the US Code), she is not only subject to being locked up for ten years, but she is ‘incapable of holding any office under the United States,'” the Minnesota Independent notes. Again, this is the GOP’s potential contender to Obama.


Seriously, if I were one of her 28 kids I would certainly be embarrassed as heck to have her speaking in public.

The lady is so frustratingly ignorant, I would not be concerned at all that she could win the GOP presidential nomination, but we are living in crazy times, and I’ve learned that you can’t underestimate the power of money to confuse Americans and make them put crazy or completely ignorant people in power.

There are crazy comments Bachmann has made all over the internet — do a quick Google search or YouTube search and you’ll find plenty to laugh or cry about.

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only crazy Republican looking to challenge Obama in 2012.

Other Crazies in the GOP Debate, Too

Of course, Bachmann isn’t the only slightly off balance or brain-cell-lacking person trying to get the Republican nomination. The large majority of them (save frontrunner Mitt Romney) don’t trust the 97% of climatology experts who warn us that we need to change course quickly to avoid catastrophe.

Additionally, they all inappropriately (but, of course, this is politics) put the blame on Obama for the economic situation we’re in, despite Republicans’ stated attempt to make Obama a failure even if that means sabotaging his efforts to improve the economy with clean energy initiatives, tax cuts for the obscenely rich, and a price on carbon, and despite the fact that 8 years of Bush as President is what led us into this horrible economic mess.

Yes, while doing everything they can to hold the U.S. hostage, Republicans are attacking Obama for not getting enough done.

As one news report noted, the Republicans in the GOP debate last night were much more interested in attacking Obama and very hesitant to criticize each other.

“When 14 million Americans are out of work we need a new president to end the Obama Depression,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said. Ridiculous. Again, as I said, Obama didn’t lead us into this situation! Furthermore, Obama created or saved approximately 1 million jobs in 2008 alone! His administration created more jobs in one year than Bush did in 8!

The GOP debate didn’t show much variation in stance or policy probably, I presume, because they are puppets of the corporate interests supporting them and working to make the United States into a plutocracy.

There’s a long list of crazies looking to be the the #1 contender to Obama in 2012. Could any of them take the presidency? I hope not!

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7 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann: Officially Insane? (GOP Debate Afterthoughts)”

  1. Please somebody explain to me how you can raise 28 human beings and find the time to be an expert at everything and run for the Presidency? MY GOD this is Superwoman! I can’t wait until one of her kids writes a tell all book to explain how she did it without sticking cocaine up her nose 20 time a day.

    1. Hahaha πŸ˜€ Yeah, I’m waiting for that as well. πŸ˜€ I’ve seen more than what I covered above, too, and she always makes it out like she knows everything πŸ˜€

  2. Founf this blog yesterday and really like it. About this “news”: As long as she is the one going against Obama the whole world can sleep well. She doesn’t stand a chance to even be near a victory.

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