Michael Mann Interview — Love It (VIDEO)

michael mann interview

One of the world’s leading climate scientists, Dr. Michael Mann, was recently interviewed by the good folks at the UK’s Guardian. It’s a great interview, and not just because I <3 climate scientists. Mann is truly a great communicator, and he makes very clear that what was not long ago a rather non-political issue has been politicized (by fossil fuel industries) and that has resulted in extreme attacks/threats on climate scientists. Not easy to deal with, I’m sure.

“They see scientists like me who are trying to communicate the potential dangers of continued fossil fuel burning to the public as a threat,” Mann notes in the video. “That means we are subject to attacks, some of them quite personal, some of them dishonest.”

Just from the attacks I receive here on Planetsave and over on CleanTechnica on a practically daily basis, I can say that it is not an easy field to work in. Mann’s line “It only takes one thoughtful letter of support to offset a thousand thoughtless attacks” fits my experience, though. One reason why I really, really support making your way over to the I <3 Climate Scientists Facebok page — show them that you appreciate them and appreciate their work (it is practically priceless work they are doing and it is not an easy role to be in.)

I hope we see more such interviews with climate scientists in the coming weeks and months and more people come to understand who these hard-working, intelligent, thoughtful, and caring leaders are. Here’s the Guardian video:

Of course, thanks to the folks at the Guardian for creating this wonderful video.

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