Mexico City Bans Plastic Bags

Mexico City

Mexico City joins the growing number of cities worldwide who are banning plastic bags.

I recently wrote about the largest state in India banning plastic bags, and about bag monsters in California pushing for a California-wide plastic bag ban, and I just mentioned that the richest Hindu temple in the world has completely banned plastic in our Green Living, Clean Energy, and Green Activism News of the Week post this weekend.

Now, Mexico City is the latest to get on board the ban-plastic-bags bandwagon.

This is great news. Hopefully with such a big city as this making the move to ban these unsustainable bags, many more will feel confident that they can do so as well. As Beth Buczynski of Care2 writes, there are a lot of reasons to ban plastic bags from your municipality: “In good circumstances, high-density polyethylene will take more than 20 years to degrade. In less ideal circumstances (landfills or as general refuse), a bag will take more than 1,000 years to degrade, according to” Additionally, plastic is being linked to more and more health and reproduction problems.

Great move by Mexico City and great to see the momentum building on this topic. Hope to see another story about another city, state or country stepping up and addressing this issue this week again.

Photo Credit: Eneas via flickr

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