Meteor Shower Tonight — Draconids Meteor Shower Peaks Shortly After Nightfall

The Draconids meteor shower is peaking tonight! In a couple of hours, shortly after nightfall, one of the more unpredictable meteor showers of the year will be peaking. With the Moon currently in a relatively dark phase the meteor shower should be pretty good this year — so try to make some time to enjoy the show if you can. πŸ™‚

While tonight — Monday October 7, 2013 — will be the night of the definite peak, Tuesday October 8, 2013 should also be a good night for meteor watching. What the actual rate will be this year is somewhat hard to predict, but should be anywhere from around 10 meteors an hour to several thousand an hour. 2011 serves as a good example of what the shower is like in its better years — those in some parts Europe reported seeing up to 600 meteors an hour that year.

Image Credit: Meteors via Flickr CC

As we reported a few days ago:

The best time to watch the Draconids — in contrast to most other meteor showers — is actually just shortly after nightfall, rather than in the very early morning hours as with most others. By doing so you may see anywhere up to 600 meteors an hour (as in 2011, in Europe), or up to several thousand an hour (as in 1933 and 1946). With the Draconids, though, you really won’t know how good the year will be until you’re outside watching.

To have the best meteor watching experience, there are the usual things to keep in mind: Get as far away from city lights as you can. You want the darkest, most rural sky that you can get. Getting comfortable is usually a good idea, perhaps with a reclining chair and some blankets. And warm drinks, such as coffee, or hot chocolate, usually help. πŸ™‚

For further information of this year’s other meteor showers, see: Meteor Showers 2013, Dates and Times, Geminids, Orionids, Draconids, Ursids, Leonids, Etc

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