Melting Permafrost in Siberia, from an International and Local Perspective [VIDEOS]

Here’s a great video from Greenpeace on this important topic. As it notes: “the melting permafrost not only affects the way of life of the indigenous nomadic Nenets people, but also adds burden on climate change due to massive release of methane and carbon dioxide due to decomposion in the defrosting soil.”

“Melting Siberian permafrost is the slow motion Time bomb of climate change,” Peter Sinclair of Climate Denial Crock of the Week similarly, but with a little more umph.

“This is a Greenpeace film, which raisese hackles for some – but no matter how you feel about Greenpeace, the message in this video is an important one, and the pictures from a remote part of the planet deserve to be seen and absorbed.”

Here’s another video on the same topic from BBC, featuring Russian scientists:

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