Matthew McConaughey Advertises Solar… in Stealth (VIDEO)

Solar power advertising has, for the most part, been sparse and lame. There have been a handful of excellent solar ads that I’ve seen over the past several years, but just a handful. A new video ad from NRG Home is narrated by Matthew McConaughey and does a decent job of selling home solar, but not an excellent one, and I doubt the ad will even bring in as much as it cost.

This video certainly isn’t going to go viral. It’s another informative but typical (some might say boring) video ad. Pretty graphics. But I don’t want to know how much those graphics cost, or how much Matthew McConaughey’s voice cost, which many people probably won’t even place anyway. Much better would have been Matthew McConaughey doing something crazy and hilarious, and encouraging you to look into solar power, since it could indeed save you a ton of cash.

Right now, there are 1,013 views on this video. It was published two weeks ago….

Don’t get me wrong, I personally love the video as a solar lover who is already passionate about this stuff. But I don’t think many people are going to be thrilled by it and click the share link. Too bad, Matthew McConaughey bare-chested and acting crazy/goofy/funny could have really gone somewhere.

Here’s the video:

h/t Tor Valenza

3 thoughts on “Matthew McConaughey Advertises Solar… in Stealth (VIDEO)”

  1. Also as a PS, I’m not sure where you saw it posted from two weeks ago, but when I just checked on YouTube to see what the views were up to, the nrgenergy site has it as just being posted on the 17th, four days ago right now.
    So I will get it passed on and hope that it does have some positive influence towards getting more people to go solar.

  2. It could be that the graphic work in this cost NRG high dollars as you wonder.
    But actually it looks a lot simpler than the Minecraft song videos my kids make and love to see what others have done on YouTube. It usually only takes them a few days in their after school time and never more than a week to get one put together and posted from their computer with open source software that we have found on the web. So perhaps this is something that NRG had made up in house by one of their employees that likes to play around on computers, and hopefully with his name not being mentioned in the video Mr McConaughey was considerate enough to donate his time for the solar cause.
    Also while I see your point that this isn’t flashy enough to catch the attention of the younger generations that are used to being bombarded with ads on the soft drinks and latest styles. Perhaps it will be good at introducing the people from my generation to the issues with our grid and centralized power generation and the usefulness of solar at overcoming those problems.
    So I will see if AARP will carry it on their site, or at least show a link, because they have become very positive to the idea of renewable energy over the past few years.

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