Mass Bird Deaths, Fish Deaths from Earth’s Magnetic Polar Shifts?

Here’s another leading reason we might be seeing some of the mass bird and fish deaths we’ve been seeing recently, mentioned briefly in one of my posts on the possible causes of these deaths: magnetic polar shifts. This, of course, would help to explain why birds are dying all over the world (map) in such large numbers (not just in some places) and so suddenly.

The internal navigation systems of birds and fish are affected by the Earth’s magnetism. With rapid pole shifts occurring right now, even grounding airplanes in Florida for days, this is a very likely cause of at least some of the mass bird and fish deaths we are seeing.

Flights Grounded at Tampa International Airport Due to Pole Shifts

Regarding recent flight groundings at a major international airport, FAA spokesperson Kathleen Bergen told Fox New: “The Earth’s poles are changing constantly, and when they change more than three degrees, that can affect runway numbering.” The Earth’s magnetic fields are always changing, but not to such a degree as this. Do you ever remember flights being grounded for such a purpose? (You certainly don’t shut down an international airport for nothing.)

“You want to be absolutely precise in your compass heading,” Bergen told Fox. “To make sure the precision is there that we need, you have to make these changes.”

Earth’s Magnetic Polar Shifts

While no one seems to be 100% certain what influences polar shifts, “Earth’s magnetic field is thought to be generated deep inside the planet,” Jeanna Bryner of LiveScience writes. “An inner core of solid iron is surrounded by an outer core of molten iron. They rotate at different rates, and the interaction between the regions creates what scientists call a ‘hydromagnetic dynamo.’ It’s something like an electric motor, and it generates a magnetic field akin to a giant bar magnet.”

A topic I’ve heard mentioned from time to time over the last several years is a potential, coming, complete polar reversal. Here’s more from Bryner on that:

And every so often, the field all-together flips on its head, turning the magnetic North Pole into the South Pole and vice versa. It last happened 780,000 years ago, and is predicted to occur again in about 1,500 years, but that’s a big “maybe.” The overall frequency is hard to predict — there was one period in Earth’s history when the field didn’t reverse for 30 million years.

The flip doesn’t happen in a pinch, though. Studies have suggested anywhere from 1,000 to 28,000 years are required to initiate and complete a reversal.

If what we have been seeing continues, this looks like a possibility and no small matter. But good to read that it doesn’t flip in too short of a time frame.

“Over the past century The Magnetic North Pole has been shifting toward Russia at a steady pace, in fact, at an average of 25 miles per year, an alarming rate considering how many systems are dependent on its location,” Brett Lipton of Times Square Chronicle writes. I’ve also seen written that this pole shift is occurring at 40 miles per year now.

Something interesting to keep an eye on, and surely a potential cause of many bird and fish deaths.

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Photo Credits: Patrick QNASA Goddard Photo and Video

9 thoughts on “Mass Bird Deaths, Fish Deaths from Earth’s Magnetic Polar Shifts?”

  1. Secret military testing of a new communications system is likely the cause of these fish and bird deaths. While magnetic pole shifts are happening I believe the military is responsible for these recent events.

    Check out my blog for complete details –

  2. with the change of the magneic polo. do you have day to day shifts in the polo? would this mean that the earth is slowing down. how would it change our day to day life when it changes. or will it distroy the earth.

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  3. This is pretty good information on the Earth’s magnetosphere It’s an interesting concept….could be…

    As someone who covered the “pending” magnetosphere reversal (i.e., “pole flip”) back in 2007/8, and having interviewed geophysicists and other scientists about the issue…I don’t believe that any putative magnetic fluctuation is intense enough to cause mass death of birds–certainly not suddenly and all at once…disorientation, for sure, but not mass trauma to internal organs.

    Navigation disorientation due to disruption of the magnesium ions in birds’ brains could steer them wrong, say, into a storm cloud, where they may then be hit by novel forms of lighting, or, hit with the thunder clap shock wave from such a storm. These latter two possibilities are more consistent with the type of trauma detected in the autopsies.

    1. thanks for the extra info, Michael. i never read much about polar shifts before. i wonder, though, if the recent ones disoriented birds enough that they flew into things… truthfully, i think the deaths are probably a result of a number of diff issues, but not sure yet of what has caused the huge ones (like in Arkansas). i’m thinking a combo of gas fracking ramifications, polar shifts, perhaps some illnesses in some places, and perhaps certain pesticides or even govt testing in others are responsible for the diff deaths around the world. we’ll see (or not)

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