Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? Vertically?

veggiegrow.jpgLettuce and biodiesel too, that’s the plan of Glen Kertz, CEO of Valcent Products of El Paso, TX. Kertz, who has worked in the greenhouse business for nearly two decades, believes the time has come to localize and simplify food production, and he says his Vertigro system will do just that. I spoke with Glen while he was attending an Orchid growers convention in Miami FL. We talked about his High Density Vertigal Growth System for both vegetables, and algae.

The HDVG system grows plants in closely spaced pockets on clear, vertical panels that are moving on an overhead conveyor system. The system is designed to provide maximum sunlight and precisely correct nutrients to each plant. Ultraviolet light and filter systems exclude the need for herbicides and pesticides. Sophisticated control systems gain optimum growth performance through the correct misting of nutrients, the accurate balancing of PH and the delivery of the correct amount of heat, light and water“.

If you haven’t seen one of the many news stories on TV about Glenn’s system, you can visit the Valcent site and watch a video with Glenn on the High Density Vertical Growth System.

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  1. Thanks for the comments. Glen feels this system can be the answer to food shortages in blighted nations where the soil is generally too poor to grow crops. I’m hoping his idea will eventually feed thousands who are now starving.

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