Loo Poetry Can Help Fight Global Warming


A study has revealed that poems in the loo can help tackle global warming, through cutting toilet paper use by up to 20 per cent.

A team of Japanese researchers pasted ‘toilet poems’ at the eye-level of people sitting in cubicles. One poem read, “That paper will meet you only for a moment,” another said, “Fold the paper over and over and over again,” while another read simply, “Love the toilet.”

According to Ryusuke Nagahara of research center Japan Toilet Labo, “We asked ourselves what we could do for the environment in the toilet? The answer is to save toilet paper and save water.”

Following the encouraging findings, the group is looking to have its poems displayed in 1,000 public toilets across Japan.

According to an industry body, toilet paper use has been increasing across the country in recent years, possibly because of a rise in the number of public toilets, where people tend to use more paper.

An official at the Kikaisuki Washi Rengokai said, “It’s because it’s free. At home, people are more inclined to scrimp.”

Image Credit – Elsie esq. via flickr on a Creative Commons license

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