London Olympics Zero-Waste Pledge

The London Olympics apparently has a zero-waste pledge. Yep, it plans to host one of the biggest events on the planet without sending anything to the landfill. Pretty astounding. Who knew?

“To achieve this rather lofty eco-goal, all packaging used to put on the games will be color-coded to match color-coded trash bins,” Take Part, the creator of the infographic above, writes. “Most utensils—coffee cups, knives, forks—will be composted. Also, any non-recyclable items leftover after the games will be used to generate electricity.”

What do you think? Will London be able to achieve the “greenest Olympics ever,” and will it be able to go zero-waste?

I have to say that I’m a little skeptical, but, that said, those are tremendous goals that will surely go a long way towards making the wonderful multinational competition lighter on the resources we rely on for normal and extraordinary life.

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