This Little Candleholder Reincarnates Your Candle Almost Infinitely… Well, Sort of

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This is pretty cool — the opposite of planned obsolescence, this little candleholder pictured above turns your old, burning candle into a new one ready to be burned. I think you get the idea from the pictures, but in case not:

The candle burns, melts, goes down into the hollow candelholder, hardens, and can be burned again!

Of course, some of the wax doesn’t make it into the new candle, but this is a lot greener than your typical single-minded candleholder (you know, the ones that only put their attention into holding the candle).

“How long it lasts, Shine says, depends on the specific candle — some burn faster, some are drippier — but you might be able to reuse the wax as many as five times,” Adele Peters of Fast Company says.

“Seeing one of those cascading drip candles triggered the idea,” says the UK-based designer Benjamin Shine. “What if a candle’s melted waste wax could form another candle?”

Btw, the name of the candle is the “Rekindle Candle.” And don’t try to steal the idea. Shine (I know — apparently, that’s really his name) has a patent pending.

via Grist

Images via Rekindle Candle

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