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Lifefactory Bottles
Lifefactory Bottles
After years of trial and break, I have been looking for an easy-to-clean, durable bottle for my glass-packing way of life. I finally found a delightful bottle that meets all these requirements and more — truly the one.

A really safe and durable bottle to tote water, coffee, blueberries, and even something such as coconut milk in has not been so easy to find. I have used many a glass bottle in this process of glass seeking, carrying, and storing on short and long trips. I broke a few (dangerous), used many that leaked all over stuff (mess, and in the South, eventually smelly molds), and have forgotten them in hot places in the very same subtropics only to find a mold inside that is nearly impossible to properly clean out.

Lifefactory bottles, however, are really assessable and easy to clean out, even if food or drink is left inside too long. Until now, I have been at a loss to find a bottle that worked for me much more than a month. This one is really different.

The company has created my new favorite (my first favorite) bottle. It is wrapped in a soft covering that makes it nearly impossible to break – even in my care. It’s also BPA free and easy to use.

The company also carries baby bottles covered in the same BPA-free plastics, and makes a pacifier in this most soft and unbreakable BPA-free plastic. I love Lifecycle’s catchy idea: “One bottle. Many uses.”

one glass bottle many uses

Here’s more info on the Lifecycle’s newest bottle:

  • Silicone Straw Straw Cap
  • Easy-pop Spout
  • Upright Spill-proof Sipping
  • Cap and Sleeve
  • Made in the US
  • Wide-mouth Access
  • Pivoting Handle
  • Glass Made in France

Happy healthy hydrating.

Here are some more pics:

Lifefactory oceanflip
Lifefactory Oceanflip
yellow baby by lifefactory
Yellow Baby by Lifefactory
Spring 16
Spring 16

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