Latest News Weekend Roundup: 7 Climate Change Stories

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

In addition to the numerous climate change stories we reported on this week, here are 7 more definitely worth a share.

Joe Romm of Climate Progress discussed Arctic sea ice extent this week — last month was the 2nd lowest Arctic sea ice extent on record in July.

Additionally due to the massive forest fires Russia is experiencing, and President Medvedev’s realization that global warming is a huge problem, the Russian President states:

What’s happening with the planet’s climate right now needs to be a wake-up call to all of us, meaning all heads of state, all heads of social organizations, in order to take a more energetic approach to countering the global changes to the climate.”

Joe has a lot of good commentary on the environmental devastation Russia is experiencing and its relationship to climate change.

And, as we would expect with climate change, while one part of the world burns, another (i.e. Pakistan) is being flooded (video below).

While we watch these extreme weather events around the world, the RSS satellite dataset shows that this July was the hottest July on record. As a part of that, Ukraine tied its hottest temperature record and 5 major US cities hit their hottest month on record.

China, India, and North Korea are also suffering from global warming-related extreme weather events. These nations, Russia, and Pakistan, are not just countries being destabilized by these horrible weather events, though — they are also countries in control of a lot of nuclear weapons. Destabilized countries with big supplies of nuclear weapons –sounds good!

And, while we see the global warming evidence mounting and the ramifications of it killing people and causing suffering all over the world, some crafty folks have identified a secret, powerful group of users censoring one of the biggest (if not the biggest) aggregated news website on the internet, digg. And Brian Merchant identifies how it all of a sudden makes since that global warming articles have such a hard time getting on digg’s front page.

I’m sure there will be plenty more on climate change in the week to come.

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