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I love fresh fruits and vegetables. When I see good ones, I buy enough for a few days. I’m sure the huge majority of people do the same. The problem is, sometimes I don’t get around to eating them right away, and sometimes I even forget they’re in the fridge, waiting to be savored.

The result, of course, is that these fruits and veggies aren’t so fresh when I finally eat them. Or, even worse,… they have died! (That is, they’re too old to eat.)

While eating fruits and vegetables is several times greener than eating meat or dairy, letting them go bad is not eco-friendly. Food waste is a huge problem in the world today. I think I once read that wasted food in the US could feed all the starving people of the world. That is simply sad. One staggering fact we reported on a couple years ago is that the US wastes more food energy than is gained from Gulf of Mexico oil and gas! We need to address this problem….

Other than being more attentive to the food you have waiting for you on your counter or in your fridge, there’s at least one good way to avoid running into the problem above — Clearly Fresh produce bags.

Perhaps you’ve seen commercials for such bags, or have seen special produce bags hanging in your local store. But Clearly Fresh bags are actually even better than those. These bags keep your produce fresh for much longer, and preserve their taste better. For starters, here’s a demonstration image:

produce bags

And here are some key points from Clearly Fresh on why its bags are better:

You’ve likely seen commercials for a green produce storage bag or run across them in a local market. They claim huge shelf life increases but offer little in the way of HOW that shelf life is increased – noting that they are plastic bags that contain zeolite or other materials that absorbs ethylene gas.

Clearly Fresh bags rely on an entirely different technology to maximize the shelf life of your produce.

1 We utilize a technology called BreatheWay that allows for the optimum Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in the bag which serves to lower produce respiration rates naturally. This is known in the produce industry as Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP.
a. Why is MAP superior to simply ethylene absorbency? By slowing the respiration rate of produce and moderating the moisture loss in produce – the sweetness and texture of stored produce is extended. After all, storing produce longer is only really beneficial if it still tastes good!
2 BreatheWay allows Ethylene (the aforementioned ripening agent) to leave the bag freely!
3 Clearly Fresh is a Clear bag so that you can easily see your produce & remember to use it! No more fuzzy, hard to see through bags!
4 An easy-seal zip for simple bag closure.
5 BreatheWay technology has been actively used by the fresh produce industry for over 10 years. This is the first time the produce company owning this patented technology has made it available for home use.

Looks good to me. It’s just a wonder that it took so long for these to make it to the residential market.

You can currently buy 10 one-gallon, zip bags online for $3.99. Give them a shot and see if they can help you to reduce your food waste!

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