KB Homes & SunPower Customers Hit $1 Million In Annual Electricity Savings

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KB Home and SunPower just celebrated their 1,000th solar home customer. In combination with that, they are also celebrating an estimated $1 million or so a year in annual electricity savings amongst their 1,000 customers.

KB Home bedroom in Lancaster, California.
KB Home bedroom in Lancaster, California. (Credit: KB Home)

Incidentally, KB Home and SunPower came together for this milestone announcement at an event in Lancaster, California — a city aimed at becoming the solar energy capital of the world which just announced it is implementing the first requirement to have all new homes comes with solar power. SunPower and KB Home have about 200 such solar homes built in Lancaster to date, and the partnership’s 1,000th customer happened to buy a home there.

Regarding customer number 1,000, a press release about the milestone states:

“During an event at KB Home’s Dorado Skies community, KB Home and SunPower surprised new homeowners Joe and Brittaney Ellison with a free upgrade to their standard-size solar power system. Dorado Skies is one of KB Home’s newest communities in Southern California where SunPower solar systems are included as a standard feature of every home built. KB Home estimates that the standard 1.8-kilowatt (kW) system provides up to 40 percent in energy cost savings per year when compared to a typical resale home. The Ellisons’ home was built with a 3.2 kW system, which means they could enjoy up to 80 percent in energy cost savings per year, according to the homebuilder.”

The KB Home–SunPower combo has now been offered in about 40 communities in Southern California. They are also offered in some communities in Texas and Colorado. In Lancaster, KB Home and SunPower have built four communities that include these solar-powered homes. KB Home is currently selling such homes at three of them (including Dorado Skies).

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