June Heat Records Continue Year-Long & Multi-Decade Trend: Global Warming?

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) posted its State of the Climate, Global Analysis report for June last week. The news? It was hot, hotter than it should be, hotter than anyone (who doesn’t believe in climate change) could have ever guessed it would be, and it continued to break major heat records.

Some highlights from the report and a chart, via Climate Progress:

  • June was the fourth consecutive month that was the warmest on record for the combined global land and surface temperatures (March, April, and May were also the warmest). This was the 304th consecutive month with a combined global land and surface temperature above the 20th century average. The last month with below average temperatures was February 1985.
  • It was the warmest June on record for the land surfaces of the globe. Previous record was set in 2005. The land surface temperature exceeded the previous record by 0.11˚C (0.20˚F). This large difference over land contributed strongly to the overall global land and ocean temperature anomaly….
  • The year-to-date (January-June) combined global land and ocean temperature was the warmest on record…..
  • 2010 surpassed 1998 (Feb, Jul, Aug) for the most “warmest months” in any calendar year….
  • Each of the 10 warmest average global temperatures recorded since 1880 have occurred in the last fifteen years. The warmest year-to-date on record, through June, was 1998, and 2010 is warmer so far (note: although 1998 was the warmest year through June, a late-year warm surge in 2005 made that year the warmest total year):

Yeah, ten warmest years on record are since 1995 and 2010 is looking like it might be the hottest. Could it be global warming?

And this is just one piece of the scientific evidence that has convinced 97% of climate scientists, as well as hundreds of other scientists and nobel laureates, that it is happening, and that we are causing it. If you want to make a difference and do your part to turn this ship around, learn what the major causes of global warming are, and get to action.

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Image Credit: azrainman via flickr

6 thoughts on “June Heat Records Continue Year-Long & Multi-Decade Trend: Global Warming?”

  1. Is the graphic meant to illustrate the major warming that comes from the earth’s core and emits vast amounts of CO2 via tens of thousands of volcanoes above and below the ocean?

  2. Merely measuring rising temperatures isn’t convincing evidence of anthropogenic global warming. We need more than that. This is not what “has convinced 97% of climate scientists” that we are causing global warming. I hate it when people exaggerate things and state them as fact to make a point.

    1. @davidotazu: this is one small piece of the pie, but it IS a piece of the pie. not sure what you meant by your last sentence — where is the exaggeration? if we write about every piece of the pie but never mention global warming, then where is the awareness that they are all related?

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