Johnson & Johnson Announces New Sustainable Initiative


On the heels of their 125th anniversary, health care product and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced their ambitious five-year plan to move in a new sustainable and environmentally friendly direction.

They call it Healthy Future 2015, and Johnson & Johnson’s road map to sustainability possesses the broadest and boldest goals Johnson & Johnson has ever set for itself.

“Today the world is facing a number of complex social and environmental challenges, from the millions of people around the world who lack access to adequate healthcare and medicines, to the rising global demand for natural resources in the face of a burgeoning population,” said William C. Weldon, Chairman, Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson. “Whether it’s the private, public or nonprofit sector, we must all play a role, preferably in collaboration, to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for generations to come.”

In addition to Johnson & Johnson’s long standing commitments and efforts to address global health needs, Healthy Future 2015 seeks to create affordable access to HIV and TB treatment in third world nations and least-developed countries. Johnson & Johnson also plans to donate medicines that treat intestinal worms to over 30 countries through the Healthy Future 2015 project.

However, the core focus of Healthy Future 2015 is creating a healthy world which means improving human health and also taking steps to improving planet health as well. As a result, Johnson & Johnson has put sustainability at the top of their priorities list with the Healthy World 2015 campaign.

By 2015, Johnson & Johnson aims to aggressively reduce their CO2 emissions, water usage and waste disposal by developing and introducing 60 new sustainable products. Each of these new products will be eco-friendly and meet Johnson & Johnson’s rigorous sustainability innovation criteria. To show their seriousness and commitment, suppliers are already being recruited by Johnson & Johnson to be part of their Healthy World 2015 project.

Johnson & Johnson has also recently launched a new Responsibility website that provides ongoing transparency to consumers about on their efforts with Healthy World 2015. The website is also tracking the overall progress of Healthy Future 2015.

On the Responsibility website, consumers can obtain detailed information, including copies of policies and practices; lists of achievements and challenges; and plans for future goals on all of Johnson & Johnson’s current global health and sustainability commitments.

Johnson & Johnson has been a leader of environmental stewardship and global citizenship in the corporate world since 1943 when Johnson & Johnson’s Credo was established by its late Chairman Robert Wood Johnson. Johnson & Johnson also set its first environmental goal in 1987 and proudly completed it Healthy Planet 2010 Goals recently which involved reducing carbon footprints, cutting back on water use, paper and packaging, among others goals.

The next time you buy Johnson & Johnson baby powder or use one of their wipes to clean off your remote or garage door opener, know that you’re helping support global initiatives towards human health and sustainability.

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