Jeff Siegel wins Election Day Caption Contest!

Sadly, Jeff Siegel from came up with this funny yet negative, caption (albeit, for a negative image). However, I’m sure Jeff would be the first to tell us (and I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY agree) that if we all invested our action and money in clean energy our choices would be less depressing.

Unfortunately, that is not the world we currently live in. The money has long backed the polluters, and although we are definitely in transition–we have a long way to go. And with the results of the mid-terms in, Karl Rove shares that our long-way-to-go just got longer.

“Climate is gone” he proclaimed at a recent conference for shale gas drilling companies. He goes on to say Congress “sure as heck” won’t pass legislation that would limit greenhouse gas emissions. Obama agreed that it’d likely be years before climate and clean energy legislation will be back on the table (more on this in Treehugger’s recent post).

Climate Hawks (aka, people who like clean air, water, and soil) unite! Let’s all start putting our money and our actions where our collective frowns are. We will un-“screw” ourselves only when our current choices–“getting worse” and “not getting worse”–include “getting better”. I’m sure our current two options are what inspired the always-entertaining blogger extraordinaire, Jeffrey Davis’s caption, “talk about choosing the lesser of two evils.”

Thanks for the captions, Jeffs, and the rest! Time to unscrew ourselves.

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