Japan Earthquake Triggered Volcano Eruption In Russia?

The major earthquake that hit Japan today may have just triggered some volcanoes in Russia as well. While  reports are still vague on the incident, there is a strong correlation between the two occurrences. In Russia, there are reports that earthquakes where felt during the eruption.

According to dziennik pl world (translated):

In the Russian Far East, there has been a strong volcanic eruption. The air got a great cloud of volcanic dust, which can pose a threat to air traffic in the region.

Local experts warn that, dust can rise up to a height of seven kilometers.

Explosions were accompanied by minor earthquakes. Russian service monitoring the activity of cones, however, ensure that the implemented measures guarantee the safety of residents of neighboring towns.

According to Russian media reports, the first cloud of dust covered the city of Ust-Kamczatsk. Over five thousand people are forced to stay at home.  The authorities have recommended the strict ban on opening windows.

The population, however, was not evacuated, and experts say that the dust does not constitute a great danger. Despite this, from Thursday, all offices of state institutions and organizations have suspended work – except in cases of emergency. For some time, also closed roads in the region.

While this eruption does not seem to be a significant threat to the people in Russia, the fact that an earthquake in Japan could have triggered a volcano eruption in Russia does have some significance.

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47 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake Triggered Volcano Eruption In Russia?”

  1. as the weather changes so does the surface and the interior of the planet, hope we do not wait to late to lean that the planet can un-lease a terrible amount of dangerous fumes,fire, lava, etc. our planet can cause havoc in the lives of millions of human beings if we do not heed the warning signs..

  2. as the weather changes so does the surface and the interior of the planet, hope we do not wait to late to lean that the planet can un-lease a terrible amount of dangerous fumes,fire, lava, etc. our planet can cause havoc in the lives of millions of human beings if we do not heed the warning signs..

  3. Whoa….this is some scary stuff. I keep hearing about the end of the world mumbo jumbo for 2012…

    But still, this is a bit weird. I hope they aren’t right!

    What do you think?

  4. Jesus is coming soon. the end of the world is a given. Are you ready. I am a Christian and I have been seeing sign s that have brought me to seek God more lately. You must put your faith in Jesus Christ- not the world or man.

    1. I agree with you. The release of the seduction plates near Japan allows all plates to readjust. California may be next. Arkansas’s hydro fracking is causing trouble. The northeast is overdo also. The new moon is exerting pressure on the earth by pulling which changes stress points. Japan has moved 13 feet east. When everything cams down, it will be closer to 18 feet. Dec. 2012 should be the point of the most stress. I believe it will get steadily worse until then. Where will the moon be? Aligned also? Be ready for a host of problems.

      1. Are you people really that blind? This is BLATANTLY Haarp, and its destruction. The Russians took responsibility for causing the Japan earthquake, and this was a backfire from the amount of energy released.

  5. Maybe 2012 is true?? If I was living on the West Coast of the United States I’d be concerned right now. We have had major Earthquakes now in Chile,New Zealand and Now Japan, and Now Volcanoes erupting. I’d be watching Mt Rainier

  6. Sadly you worship the earth instead of the one who created all things.
    Jesus God 2.All things created by/through Jesus (Colossians 1:16-17) – “For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created by Him and for Him. 17And He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

    To be sabed seek jesus He offers a pardon for our crimes of sin against God 1John chapter 1

        1. Amen. For those who do not know Christ, get to know Him. His comfort surpasses all the anxieties, worries, and suffering that happens on this earth. Worry not in knowing that you are saved and bound for an eternal life with that one that loves you.

    1. We were supposed to listen to the message, not worship the messenger. Jesus wasn’t declared a god until the 3rd Century…..by men at the Council of Nicea. Only you can save you.

      1. Jesus was sent as perfect replacement of the daily blood sacrifice. He is the blood sacrifice of everyone. All we have to do is ask for forgiving of our sins and accept Him as our Savior.
        This started the day He died. Man cannot declare who is god. God already is since the beginning of time. We are pawns with a free will in the scheme of God’s plan

  7. Well, it doesn´t have to be correlated to Climate changes only, there are many others circumstances that can play a role in it. The Holocene epoch can bring warm period globally but this is probably just a final part before the Ice Age comes. Certainly it is a very huge disaster that hit the Japanese Islands and I´m pitying those survivors.

  8. We need to understand that we all live in one world and are parts of each other. What affects me affects my neighbour and vice versa. We need to stand close to people of Japan and each of us help them possibly with whatever we can.

    1. Dear Muslim, I’ve learned to hate the teachings of the Qur’an and that false prophet muhamad, because of (and not limited to) the suicide attacks they instigated. Think about this: they led countless people to suicide and eternal damnation, by promising them what? 72 virgins instead of God’s love. That’s so sick, man. Sick I tell you. At least in my book.
      So, you’re telling us to read THAT book to understand what’s happening? Please think again and pray to God (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) to show you the way to salvation. As for the worldly truths, you can build yourself more or less accurate, but comprehensible, models of each reality aspect based on your imagination, scientific data and other’s input.

      1. Lucky you that the guy advocating the Koran as the proper guidebook is unaware of your location. On the other hand you are offering him an equally invalid means of pursuing understanding and a guide to human behavior.

        One comic book trumps the other in the world of the superstitious, incurious, and fear-based here in the 21st century. Scientific investigation into the nature of reality with no preconceptions is a better means to arrive at truth and understanding.

        1. I agree with you 100%. Religion is no more controlling than governments. Unfortunately, people just can’t come to grip with their own mortality and would rather choose to follow a religion than to truly understand their true place in this universe.

    1. The volcanos erupted as well on Oct, 28 2010. This eruption was on 3/11/2011 right after the Japan earthquake. We are still looking for additional information on the event. This hasn’t hit main stream media yet, the volcanos have been active for awhile now. They erupted again when the quake hit, here is a link to some more info on it.

      Good luck on your research, hard to find info on whats going on in Russia 🙁

  9. I’d be more concerned about the japanese volcanoes. They’re booth close and big. According to http://johnseach.com/?p=883 :Narugo (150 km), Kurikoma (153 km), Zao (170 km), Hijiori (195 km), Azuma (200 km), Adatara (200 km), Iwate (205 km), Akita-Komaga-take (210 km), Bandai (220 km), Chokai (220 km), Hachimantai (223 km), Akita-Yake-yama (228 km), and Nasu (250 km).

    Api Siau volcano(Indonesia) seems also to have had erupted. according to http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/indonesian-volcano-erupts-hours-after-japan-earthquake/ and http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/indonesian-volcano-erupts-hours-after-japan-earthquake-91063 .

      1. Agree, Dave, while people worry about stupid stuff, the planet around them is falling apart. Countless lives are being lost due to CLIMATE CHANGE! But I’m afraid they will continue to deny it, for the sake of the super rich in the Fossil fuel Ind.

        1. rofl… you do realize that a single volcanic eruption spews more pollution than all of mankind in the past 200 years… but don’t worry all those volcanoes that erupted before the industrial period… that was our fault too…

          Give it up… you changed from global warming to climate change because the earth is back in a cooling stage… give it up… naive …

          1. @Yawn: you packed a lot of disinformation into a few lines there.

            humans don’t cause as much CO2 as volcanoes is totally wrong: http://planetsave.com/2010/12/29/humans-dont-create-as-much-co2-as-volcanoes-totally-wrong-videos/ (& note that global warming/climate change as we refer to it today it is not about total emissions but about the RATE of emissions)

            the Earth is back to a cooling stage is such a ridiculous claim i hope no one needs any explanation as to why that is a backwards comments

            take a look at who wanted the public and politicians to use climate change more (hint: it’s your crew): http://planetsave.com/2010/12/28/did-climate-scientists-change-from-global-warming-to-climate-change-heck-no/

      2. I am still and always amazed at the arrogance of human beings, especially Europeans. Do you guys actually think you can create the solution to GOD’s Plan for re-establishing HIS Rule on the earth? I’m just sayin’.

        1. there is no “god’s rule” drop the shroud from your eyes. Evolution shows that the earth has renewed itself twice before. this is just the first time that is was caused by an animals, such as ourselves.

          god isn’t safe from nuclear radiation, only the devil is
          hell is the only place you can survive! so get a good spot now.

      1. These are just the beginning of sorrows as we are told in Matt. 24. The coming world events will soon prove this biblical description of the time we are living in to be
        true. At this point we can say that there have been natural disasters throughout human history. This is a correct statement but never have there been the numbers of people on the earth to be affected by these disasters. Also these events will come one after another until they are everlapping and undeniable what is fortold in Matt. 24. Time will tell!

        1. I wish people would stop with the fear and focus positive thoughts, donations and helping hands for those going through hard times. There is no “end of the world” coming. Stop feeding into the fairytale…

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