iZen Bamboo Keyboard (Needs a Kickstart)

bamboo keyboard

Someone stopped by Planetsave this week to drop a comment about a pretty cool-looking bamboo keyboard that’s looking for some help on Kickstarter. Since it looks so sweet, I decided to give it some time and a post. You can see an image of the iZen bamboo keyboard above, of course, and here’s the intro from the Kickstarter page (emphasis mine), followed by a ton more photos of the beauty:

Until now, environmentally friendly electronics has been an oxymoron. We envision a future with less plastic filling up our landfills, and iZen keyboards are a catlyst for this change. iZen Bamboo is the first eco-friendly bluetooth keyboard on the market. Its low profile, portable design is great for anyone on-the-go, and the simple and natural look will add more Zen to your life. Hand-made out of 92% bamboo, this keyboard is renewable, recyclable, and won’t pile up in landfills. It works wirelessly with iPads, iPhones, Macs, Androids, tablet PCs, smart phones, and many other Bluetooth-enabled devices. And let’s face it, it’s gorgeous!  We self funded the first round of production which just hit the internet and local stores. After only a couple weeks, we are already almost out of inventory and we need your help to fund our next round of production!

Find out more information, help fund the second round of production, and benefit from all kinds of special offers and goodies in the process over on the iZen bamboo keyboard Kickstarter page. You can also pledge via the Kickstarter widget below:

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