It's the Science, Stupid!

David Brin recently illuminated how our declining economy is directly tied to our declining science base over on sister site Red, Green, and Blue (I’d also add that our declining sense of reality is also tied to that declining science base). However, Brin’s piece is actually a piggy-back on this awesome video of Neil deGrasse Tyson, an American astrophysicist, the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium, and a popularizer of science (and, I’ll note, a vegetarian):

As I said, piggy-backing on that video, Brin adds:

Half of our economic growth since WWII came from science and technology. This last decade was the first in 60 years in which the US did not stun the world with some terrific “new thing” that let us get rich enough to then buy megatons of crap from foreign factory workers and uplift a new world middle class. The Fox War on Science is nothing less than pure, unadulterated treason.

Well said. True. Unfortunately, that seems to go over the heads of a large portion of our society for some reason.

That visual one more time:

Dr. Tyson can be followed on facebook and twitter @neiltyson.

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