Is the World Running Out of Clean Water?

clean drinking water

With the world’s population approaching 7 billion people, we are encountering a stealthy but incredibly dangerous threat—a lack of clean drinking water.

Many island nations and even large first world countries, such as Australia or the southern United States, are facing incredible droughts. Island nations have been increasingly relying on rainwater as rising sea levels are causing groundwater to become too saline to drink.

Scientists are worried that these droughts aren’t just droughts. They are worried that these weather conditions are here to stay. Texas is way behind on average rainfall for the year,.. by a whopping 2 feet. These scientists warn that Australia and Texas should be an eye-opener to the rest of the world. The conservation of clean drinking water should be one of the world’s top priorities.

There are machines and equipment to help “clean” salt water, desalination equipment. The only problem is this equipment can be very expensive and is often unable to provide enough clean water to justify the high prices.

Perhaps this scare in a lack of clean water will help the world begin to realize how much we need to green up our act. Many gas-drilling companies are making a huge profit as gas energy is considered much greener than oil. The problem is, in order to get to this gas (through hydraulic fracturing), a significant amount of water is needed to keep the process running. Fracturing gas can take up to an astonishing 5 million gallons of water per well. So while this wouldn’t be a problem in Pennsylvania or Virginia, this could come as a massive obstacle to gas miners in Texas, where clean water is hardly in abundance.

As stated before, the world’s population is expected to hit 7 billion within a month. If we want there to be a future, we need to start taking care of ourselves and our planet as soon as possible. Every single human being needs water. Now is not the time to start wasting the valuable things we take for granted. Do what you can to conserve water now. If we want a future for our kids, and even ourselves, we cannot waste anymore.

Clean water isn’t a problem that will just disappear. Until technology advances to the point that equipment becomes cheaper and more efficient, desalination equipment and factories will only help our cause in a small way. This equipment and factories are a start, and every extra bit of help we can provide for our water demands is help that mankind will gladly take.

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Boy drinking water via Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia

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