Intelligent LED Light Bulbs

“There are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures” – James Thurber

With all due respect to the proverb, there is only one kind of light bulb – that which gives more light, consumes less energy, emits less heat without any radiation, and can be “laid to rest” after its existence without harming the environment.

Yes, we are referring to the most intelligent lighting available on this planet – LED lighting technology, which is set to replace most light bulbs over the next decade and revolutionise the way we light up our homes and businesses. The intelligence being put in the smart lighting systems and processes are set to make life easier and more convenient, giving us the ability to communicate with our home and business lighting devices.

The complex integration of smart LED technology with controls and computing platforms ensures that all the light units are interconnected and under your control. With the capability of operating your lighting in your hands, you can actually control energy consumption levels and expenses, leading to a downward shift in your energy bills. LED light bulbs are not just another lighting product – they are a quantum leap in intelligent lighting solutions.

The Advantages of LED Lighting Technology

Unlike the incandescent and CFL lighting systems which are now becoming increasingly redundant, LED lighting technology offers several user advantages, both from the individual and the environmental point of view. The energy consumed to run an LED light bulb reduces electricity use tremendously (as compared to conventional bulbs, which are described as “heaters that give off a little light”). That day is not far away when the incandescent light bulb will be extinct. LED bulbs are wallet-friendly, and their energy consumption is extremely economical, like their low heat output. In summer time, when your non-LED bulbs are generating heat, your air-conditioners are fighting them. The absence of a filament also gives them a distinctive advantage – when dropped from a height of around 10 feet or less, there is a strong possibility that they will not get damaged. Unlike CFL bulbs, they do not require any warm-up period and are “instant on – instant off,” while lasting up to 5 times longer. LEDs neither contain mercury nor any of its derivatives, which makes them easy to dispose of them once they’ve outlived their lives, unlike incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. A big issue with CFLs is that sometimes they need 30 seconds or so to get to full brightness, and when used outside in the cold, they might not work at all.

A Classic Example Explains LEDs’ Cost Efficiency

One 100-watt incandescent bulb lit for 8 hours a day roughly uses electricity worth $52 per year. As compared to that, one LED Evolux bulb manufactured by Advanced Lumonics lit for 8 hours a day uses electricity roughly worth $5 per year, making that a $47 savings per bulb per year!

And how much does the bulb cost? The Evolux LED bulb costs $50. The incandescent bulb costs only $1, making that a cost differential of $48. But that is just half the story. In terms of longevity, the LED bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours, while an incandescent bulb lasts only up to 2,000 hours. One would need 25 incandescent light bulbs to complete 50,000 hours. So, for the rest of the life of the LED, you are going to save approximately $752 in energy costs.

This Sounds Remarkably Futuristic, But It Is Around Today!

The Mi Light LED lighting system brings the latest in lighting technology to market today. Through your cell phone, via the freely downloadable iOS or Android app, you can control the light levels and colours of all the light units in your house. Using the wi-fi receiver, you can synchronize the app with the light bulbs and dim or increase the brightness by simply swiping on the app controls. Want to create the perfect lighting for that special mood? Just nudge the app for continuously changing the bulb colour.

Similarly, HyperLux LED technology from iLumi make LED bulbs recently crowdfunded via IndieGogo the “brightest and most efficient multicolor light bulbs” available.

Now, that calls for a “lightning fast” decision in favour of switching to an intelligent LED technology light bulb.

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