Informed Consumers?

Take your time making informed decisions.

Wondering where to go to look for informed newsworthy news?

Of course, keep visiting this site. Also, try the following: FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting), PR Watch, Politifact, Open Secrets, and Media Matters. That should get you started. If you’d like a print mag so you don’t always have to stare at your computer, check out Yes! Magazine and/or Mother Jones (to name a few). If the radio is your thing, listen to NPR morning edition on your way to work.

The Fox News lot will certainly refer to some of these outlets as “lefty” or “liberal.” That is simply an attack on any non-Fox outlet that doesn’t peddle fear and half-truths. These outlets I list above rely upon the consumer’s better judgment and critical thinking skills to build a following. How does the far-right (read: the new norm) feel about critical thinking skills? They don’t like them, nor do they want you to acquire/use them.

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