Indian State Of Karnataka To Increase Solar Power Target To 6 GW

Karnataka is set to become the latest Indian state to revise solar power target in line with the central government’s target of 8% share of solar power in national power consumption by 2022.

The state government of Karnataka is looking to increase the installed solar power capacity target from current 2 GW to 6 GW by 2022. This will help the state meet the solar power consumption target set by the central government for all states.

The central government, last year, had increased the target for solar power share in total power consumption from 3% to 8% by March 2022. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) issued a guidance for all states indicating how much operational capacity they need to meet the revised target.

Following this decision, states initiated the process of revising their installed capacity targets. Earlier this year, Himachal Pradesh set a target of 700 MW operational solar power capacity. The MNRE had determined that the state requires 776 MW solar power capacity to meet the revised Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) target.

Now, Karnataka has revised the target to 6 GW. The state is well on-course to achieve the current target of 2 GW. Several megawatts of solar power capacity is currently under construction through the state solar power capacity. Additionally, NTPC Limited and Solar Energy Corporation of India has also floated tenders of 1.6 GW cumulative capacity under the National Solar Mission. NTPC Limited will also set up 1 GW capacity on its own.

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  1. Great work India. And yet our silly Australian Govt still believes our Australian coal needs to be sold to third world countries for the good of humanity.

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